Chang  Leung  Hui  &  Li  C.P.A.  Limited

張 梁 許 李 會 計 師 事 務 所 有 限 公 司

Company Profile

Chang Leung Hui & Li C.P.A. Limited is a medium sized accounting firm in Hong Kong.

Our directors are:

Leslie S. C. Chang

FCA, CTA, CPA (Practising)

Terence C. K. Leung

FCA, FCCA, ACIS, CPA (Practising)

Edmond C. K. Leung

FCCA, ACIS, CTA, CPA (Practising)

Paul C. Y. Tsi

BSC, CA, ACA, CTA, CPA (Practising)

Jasper K. M. Ma

AAIA, ACIS, MPAcc, CPA (Practising)

Robert Chow

CPA (Practising)

Keefe Ma

CPA (Practising)


Our company was founded as a partnership in 1981. Since then, we have progressed to become one of the premier accounting firms in Hong Kong. We changed to corporate practice in 1997, and also became a member of MSI Global Alliance in 2000.

Our Services

Our company provides a full range of professional services, including:




Consultancy and system development

Liquidation and insolvency

International Links - MSI Global Alliance

MSI Global Alliance (MSI) is a global association of over 250 independent legal and accounting firms in more than 100 countries with a successful track record of over 30 years.

MSI recognises that a wide range of professional advice is often needed when conducting business overseas. This is why MSI brings together member firms with knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines. They provide local expertise and global reach to a wide variety of clients in many different industries.

MSI carefully selects its full-service legal and accounting member firm in each jurisdiction. They work closely together to provide integrated, multidisciplinary services to meet each client's legal and regulatory obligations and growth ambitions.

Contact Us

12/F, No. 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 2527-5306

Facsimile: (852) 2527-6015



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